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Holland Michigan Real Estate Agent... Dick Stoudt.  Specializing in homes for sale in Holland and the surrounding area.

Buying or selling a home in Holland or the Holland area can be an awesome experience.  Dick Stoudt's Professional experience and Dedicated service will provide you with unsurpassed attention to detail, right to the end of the process. In fact, past clients have become long time friends.

Dick Stoudt's search for you in the Holland area will be unexcelled.  With his awareness of the Holland market, his assistance in searching for you, including not only Holland homes for sale, but homes in nearby communities, including Grand Haven, Saugatuck/Douglas, Hamilton and Fennville. Dick Stoudt's honed expertise in home buying or home selling in Holland that provides a smooth process from start to finish.

That's why he feels the two words in the banner above are so important.  He strives on a daily basis to be Professional and Dedicated, to help you meet your needs and goals. His every act, when it comes to serving you, is predicated on those two words.

Sometimes he refers to his business as "an adventure", because often it is.  However, his goal is to look back and see the results of his involvement with all of his clients as a wonderful and successful adventure.

Finally, he strives to make you #1 on his Holland home seekers list. Talk to Dick Stoudt. He is confident you will like him and love his performance. Dick Stoudt a great choice for people buying or selling homes in Holland and the surrounding area. 

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